Laser Hair Removal in Winter?
Economic Choice with Better Results

Winter is the perfect time to begin laser hair removal to attain your alluring smooth skin. Laser hair removal is not only a cosmetic indulgence but also an emotionally comforting decision, especially when done at the right time. 

Here are 3 reasons to start your laser hair removal journey at iBeauty Center in Paralimni this winter and prepare your skin for the season of carefree tanning, swimsuits, and Cyprus’ summer beaches.

1. Limited Sun Exposure and Extra Skin Protection

At iBeauty Center, we normally advise our clients to avoid direct sun exposure on treated skin to eliminate any chances of sunburns or post-treatment pigmentation. Given that skin tends to get more sensitive after laser treatment, reduced sun exposure provides more protection, ensuring a safer and comfortable treatment during winter time. The laser process becomes more carefree during winter with your protected skin when the cold temperature tempts you to stay indoors and watch your favourite Netflix show. 

2. Optimal Hair Reduction Results

With the cold temperatures, comes a more effective hair reduction process. Given that one’s skin gets fairer during winter time, this enables the laser to further penetrate the hair follicles giving faster and more efficient results. Winter therefore provides optimal conditions for skin to get rid of unwanted hair during laser hair removal sessions. This season is especially beneficial for individuals that normally have either sensitive skin, darker skin tones or lighter hair shades assuring better hair reduction results.

3.  Save Time and Money

By beginning your laser hair removal journey in winter, you’ll provide yourself with enough time to be hair-free by summer. For successful and permanent hair reduction, multiple laser hair removal treatments are likely needed. Our Skin Therapists generally recommend a schedule of several sessions spaced four to six weeks apart for at least a minimum of eight to twelve sessions per area.  However the duration and length of the process if started during summer time might take longer. Hence, winter is the ideal time to start not only because you’ll be saving yourself time but also because you’ll enjoy a carefree tanned skin by summer time. Winter is the perfect time for laser hair removal since during most of this time we are usually covered under warm and comfy clothes. This eliminates the need to shave between sessions and decreases the chances of ingrown hairs.

This winter, give your skin a rest from shaving and waxing, making it easier to prepare for your laser hair removal treatment. Now is the perfect time to start your long lasting laser hair removal journey. And remember to always hydrate and protect your skin by wearing sunblock and moisturiser. During both winter and summer, skin protection and hydration is crucial and even more so in Cyprus where we enjoy 300+ sunny days per year. 

Check out our article on skincare during winter for more health and beauty tips. For more questions, contact us at iBeauty Center (+357 96 900101) and see how you can benefit from getting your laser hair removal treatment during the winter.

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